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We carry a wide variety of Breads and spelt Breads. A frequently asked question is What is spelt bread? Spelt flour is one of the most popular non-wheat flours available.  Spelt is on of the healthiest foods you can find, a gentle food for the whole digestive tract and a powerful agent to strengthen your immune system.  Spelt is a medieval grain, high in protein that offers a nutty sweet flavour, recently spelts flour's high protein and low gluten index has been rediscovered but keep in mind that spelt does contain gluten. Here at Just Baked we offer a selection of spelt breads and sodas, choose from Honey & Spelt, Guinness & Spelt, Spelt Soda, Yeast free + dairy free + wheat free soda. 

Also available at Just Baked are our delicious 100% Corn bread, 100% Wholemeal, Fruit Soda, Brown Soda and lots more.

Our featured breads below...

Spelt Breads

1. Honey & Spelt  2. Yeast, Dairy & Wheat Free Bread  3. Spelt Soda  4. Guinness & Spelt

Low GI Bread

Our low GI bread is digested slowly, causes a steady rise in blood sugar level and helps reduce food cravings, making you feel fuller for longer.

Night & Day Bread

Night and Day bread offers a unizue 2 in 1 concept with enganced carbohydrates during the day and protein in the evening.  This means the enjoyment of eating bread the whole day through. While the body requires carbohydrates during its active periods during the day, it requires more protein in the evening.


Mamma Mia Breads

Also available Mamma Mia Bread precisely adapated to womens needs. Enjoying 1 piece of Mamma Mia bread supplies you with over 15% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D and folic acid, and provides more than 20% of the reccommended daily dose of calcium, magnesium and iron. This formula is designed for all women, it contains special amounts of vitamins and minerals with which women are frequently undersupplied.


We offer a wide variety of Scones daily choose from Apple & Rasian, Cherry & Coconut, Rhubarb & Raspberry, Bailys & Almond and from our Savoury section why not try our delicious Bacon and Cheese Scones and Bread.

Corn Breads


Our Breads